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Editing content

The content files are in the content/ directory, in the form of markdown files, in different languages.

The content/calendar directory contains one yaml file with the currently planned walks, see next session on how to edit.

The content/projects directory contains the texts presentation of the different projects.

The content/pages directory contains the other website pages: the index/bio/intro, the gallery (empty because there is no text).

Images can be dropped in the content/gallery folder, name as no importance, a plugin is going to resize them and sort them by hours of the day they were taken (using their metadata).

Adding walk entries

The moonwalk calendar is a yaml file, in content/calendar/. To add a new entry:

  1. open the website in a browser and go to the calendar to see what are the next New/Full moon dates
  2. either copy the date by hand (with - between 2-digit numbers) or click anything on the related date box on the calendar webpage (it will automatically copy the data)
  3. add a new entry in the yaml file by pasting the date (at one more indentation level than the calendar: key)
  4. fill with the other fields like so:

    #New Moon walk on the 30.04.22
        en: "Walk"
        fr: "Ballade"
        nl: "Wandelen"
        es: "Paseos"
      start_time: "20:00"
      start_location: "Drève du comte"
      start_location_link: ""

Everytime the webpage load it will first get the New/Full moon dates from the API, then see if any entries in the calendar matches one of those date and if it does, add the corresponding informations to it.

Regenerate the website after editing content

Init steps

  1. clone the repository
  2. install requirements pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. install lftp sudo apt install lftp
  4. create a file with name .env in the root folder containing the ftp logs, like this

For every updates of the website

  1. make your edits to the content/ folder
  2. add, commit and push your changes to the directory
  3. open a terminal in the root folder of this project and launch the pelican command to regenerate
  4. launch ./

If a change don't appear immediatly it's possible you have to hard refresh using ctrl+shift+r.